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5th November, 2013

DAMN IT I am two and a half hours hours away (Interesting factoid: Canadians will usually always give you distances in drive time—I have no idea why). You tell me where he is and I will go find him!

Oh my god! That’s a Southern thing too! I grew up knowing how far things were by time and not distance. We’re not so different after all!

ceptin ya’ll be burning down white houses n shiz….

5th November, 2013

Dear Canada,

This chick at work is Canadian. She likes me. I know this because she said, “I like you. You’re the only person who I can talk to about Canada.” She feels this because I’m really nice about Canada these days. I ask her about her home life. I trot out my tiny Canada specific knowledge (um er Tim Hortons?). I ask her about Canadian things in general and respond nicely….

But seriously you guys having Martin Freeman…..I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to get over that. Every photo/report is making me crazy. You guys KNOW I’m still not totally over the war of 1812. So yeah….if you’re in Alberta and you see Martin please remind him to visit America just once or else the lovely girl at Canada will think I hate ya’ll again. She’ll say something like “Oh ya I talked to my family aboot da hockey and I thought aboot yew” and I will say “GIVE ME MARTIN FREEMAN YOU SWEET MAPLE SYRUP EATING BASTARDS!” 

So yeah… um…yeah