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14th September, 2014

(via Karli Meaghan's tumblr)

24th August, 2014

Doctor Who/ DW Blacklist/TS

Ha. It’s a bit funny considering….but

Doctor Who/DW is now on my TS/Blacklist. Please remember to tag  so I can block it. Mostly because I’m kind of annoyed with well…everyone.

My Classic Who fans that I wanted to be outraged with me. I also wanted them to see beyond the hate of certain things and focus on others.

And people who demand that others simply MUST enjoy this episode and can’t understand that you’re not required to love something simply…because.

And people who honestly think it’s reasonable to change a character for one episode for lack of thought.

And even people like me who are 50/50 on the episode and 100% for Capaldi but also a bit worried that they’ll be in the “Capaldi deserved better” club.

I just want it off my dash for a bit.