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10th June, 2014

Anonymous asks:



AGREED. FUCKING. AGREED. Like, okay sorry Clara rant here, but can someone please tell me who she is besides “the impossible girl born to save the doctor”? I know she’s quirky. That’s about it. ….impossibly boring maybe. (No but seriously, if you are actually a whouffle shipper, please come explain the appeal to me. Because I’m reaaally curious : D)

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OMG YESSSSS! Clara is the most poorly written companion in the history of Doctor Who. I s2g. I like Moffat. I do. As a writer, I think he’s done some great things on TV shows that I love but WHAT THE FUCK IS HIS SHIT WITH BEING SO LAZY ABOUT CLARA? Like Jesus man give me a reason to give a shit about her. Give me a reason to think she’s someone the doctor WOULD give a key to. If we don’t find out some more interesting things about Clara then I am going to be so pissed.

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