22nd July, 2014




Mark Gatiss on BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Disks

It’s an older interview from 2011 but I hadn’t encountered it before. It’s pretty funny, yet beautifully intimate and very touching. At times I laughed out loud, at others I found it hard to listen to Mark speaking through what I believe are tears. He breaks my heart.

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Aw, you listened to it! *sobs* Yes, it’s heartbreaking, that little pause, it gets me every time… When you are familiar with the way he usually speaks, you can hear how hard he struggles to keep himself together. But it’s also so very delightful. :)

About writing Doctor Who and Sherlock, and deciding what direction to take the story: “The last thing you want to do is give people what they think they want.”

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22nd July, 2014

Master List of Writing Tools



Here lies my current master list of writing tools based on my experience to date, split out by stage; brainstorming tools, outlining tools, writing tools, and editing tools. Some of it costs $$, but there are plenty of free options in each of the stages, too.

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For those seeking to fill a gap, needing help with their process, or just wanting to change it up a bit, Ivy’s compiled a big honking list of the various writing tools she uses.  Some of them are quite obvious but still classic, like “pen and paper.”  Others are things you might not have heard of.

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