23rd April, 2014




TRUTH!!  It takes so little effort to find something nice and encouraging to say.  And it takes NO EFFORT AT ALL to stay quiet if you DON’T have something nice to say.  Didn’t all our Mamas teach us this?


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23rd April, 2014

mildredandbobbin replied to your photo “Like…. Where do I fuckin’ begin? But thanks for your comment on…”

is that on your fic? what even. Strawberries so have a taste and can be wet and ffs its a metaphor, well, simile. I ate a punnet a day of strawberries when I was pregnant both times. I know strawberries.

Nah. It was on a post in which people were complaining about a particular line often used in fanfic and then someone added this additional tag complaining about something else they found unbelievable in fanfic.

It’s here.

Also yes strawberries have a super strong smell to me. But apparently they don’t. And like what they’re not wet? Depending upon the ripeness strawberries can be wet… and IDK.